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Coloring Pages

Güncelleme tarihi: 29 Eyl 2020

My original illustrations are now available as coloring pages. You can find them via my Etsy shop.

With these digital images you can print as many time as you want and use for coloring. You can draw tiny people or trees on these ''Neighborhood'' illustrations. You can make a detailed coloring with all the bricks and roofs or you can make a flat coloring. You can draw accessories and doodles on the ''Too Many Faces'' illustration or you can add some extra light, bushes or confetti onto the ''Pajduska Dancers'' illustration, use your imagination and creativity! All coloring pages are black and white. The colors on the images are for inspiration for you! These coloring pages are for both adults and children! If you will print them onto regular copy paper, it will be better for use standard coloring pencils, watercolor pencils or markers. If you will print thick paper, you can color them with gouache or watercolour. After your download, you will receive high res JPG files printable, A4 sized (standart copy paper sized), black and white. All files are for personal use only. All files are not for commercial purposes, may not be re-sold and are protected by the copyright law.

All illustrations copyright © 2020, Belkıs Aksu, all rights reserved. PS. I will be more than happy to see your creations, don't hesitate to share them with me! Tag me on Instagram - @belkisaksu #belkısaksu

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