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We haven't met with Katerina personally but we've been following each other on social media for couple months. I really like her style, works and behind them. I am sure you'll get some inspiration from her works, too. Don't forget to follow her and support her business on social media.

Hi Katerina! Thank you for answering my questions. Can you tell me a little about yourself and your embroidery business?

I’m Katerina, a 27 year old embroidery artist from Skopje. I’m a graduated psychologist, but after finishing my studies I realized I didn’t see myself on that career path or in a classic 9-5 office job. I currently work freelance in fashion styling, something that’s always been a passion of mine, and growing my embroidery business. My other interests include all crafty & creative activities (even the ones I’m not really good at), watching TV shows, and just being in nature, especially around water.

So you are a psychologist, I should've guessed that! Your works have lots of layers. Can you explain more about them?

I’ve been doing hand embroidery for two years now and have truly found myself with it. I’ve tried my hand at different creative hobbies, such as jewelry making, working with polymer clay, drawing, etc., but never felt that I actually expressed myself through them. With hand embroidery I’m more open and free to explore what I’m feeling and what I want to say. I’m grateful that many people relate to the messages in my work, especially the topic of self-growth, and that they like the style I’ve developed.

And it became a real business.

I didn’t start embroidering with the idea of profit in my head, but when I saw the great feedback and interest on Instagram I decided to start selling my work. I’m very happy it took that turn, because I sell mostly to international customers, and it’s a great feeling to earn your money from something that brings you such pleasure and happiness.

What are the biggest issues for running this?

I sell my work mostly through Instagram, and sometimes through Facebook. I don’t have an online shop yet because of Macedonia’s issue with Paypal and almost every check-out software, and that is the biggest obstacle and frustration I’ve ran into while trying to grow this creative hobby into a source of income.

What are your plans to the future?

I’m working on moving out of the country, and with that I will get easier and wider access to a global market, I’ll be motivated to create more regularly than I do now, and I’ll hopefully be able to turn hand embroidery into a full-time job and be my own boss.


For more information about her works, you can check her Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest pages and order some goodies!

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